Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Making a great argument in your essay starts with proper research especially on your essay topic. In this type of assignment, the main objective is to make an argument based on facts and research. As you take a position through the writing, you will be required to provide evidence to back up your points.  That is the only way to make a sound argument in your essay.

If you want to make your argumentative essay good, then it will be important to base it on already published research or new studies drawn from credible sources. Your arguments should not be based on feelings and thoughts. It is more convincing to put forward an opinion stating facts than just making a plain statement without supporting evidence.

Sample Argumentative Topics to Write About

  1. Does religion affect perception about life?
  2. Technology is more of a blessing than a curse
  3. Why children with disability should be included in mainstream classrooms
  4. Sports should receive equal attention to academics 
  5. Why the LGBT society should be Embraced
  6. Why students should be paid while on internship
  7. School uniform should be banned
  8. Democracy is the best form of governance
  9. Children should be paid to work at home
  10. Religion and the state are inseparable

 In an argumentative essay, you can choose to discuss for or against your chosen topic. The most important thing is to make sure that your assertions are not entirely based on emotions. You will be graded on how effectively you can communicate and provide evidence to the points you are making.

Making your Argumentative Essay Count

There is a lot that comes with essay writing that learners should know. First of all, proper planning is the key to successful writing. Take time to study various argumentative essay topics before picking your final choice. Using your time to study the options you have will give you an undue advantage during the actual writing. It will give you enough information and views on how to handle your given assignment.

Here are important considerations to make for your essay to count and make sense to your readers.

Bottom line

An argumentative essay topic is an interesting heading that gives you the freedom to express yourself. However, your writing should be backed up by either old or new research to make it valid. Your readers will buy into your opinion if you present arguments with facts!