What are the key factors in ESL essay writing that you should keep in mind

English as Second Language (ESL) is one of the highly demanded courses. It is mostly sought by those who English is not their first language, and want to learn it. As part of the training, students are required to write papers ranging from short essays to dissertations, depending on the level of study.

The selection of topic:

Although in some cases, the ESL teacher may select a topic and require you to write a paper on the same, in most cases, you will be allowed to do the selection. The following are some suggested topics which you can built on to come up with something new, creative and interesting.

  1. What is that one thing you cannot live without in your life?
  2. If you had some five thousand dollars to spend today only, how would you do it?
  3. What are some of the techniques of coping with stress in life?
  4. What is your most favorite movie?
  5. Write an interesting story about your greatest fear in life.
  6. If you were to be one celebrity person in this world, who will it be and why?
  7. What are the positive and negative effects of the increasing use of the social media?
  8. . What is your opinion on the legalization of marijuana, especially for medical purposes?
  9. Should people be allowed to decide whether or not to abort at will?
  10. Should nuclear weapons be banned from the world?
  11. What are your suggestions on the measures that government should adopt to prevent global warming?
  12. Write about your first day at the institution where you are taking the ESL classes.
  13. Should developed countries share their technology with the developing countries?
  14. Should parents be allowed to decide for children aged 16 to 18 years?
  15. If you were to choose one place to spend your holiday, where will it be and why?

These are just some general suggestions of the ideas that you can build on to develop unique topics. All you need is to find unique scantron cheating hints and an interesting title which will impress your teacher.