Tips on Writing a Synthesis Essay

Many students dread writing this type of essays because it is not easy to execute. Text synthesis entails coming up with a new and fresh perspective on the given subject or topic. The student tailors information got from several sources. 

What a synthesis essay is?

It is a paper where the author ties two or more information sources to come up with an opinion that is better and complete on the subject of discussion. According to the text’s definition, the origins can be speeches, ads, radio cuts, or videos. 

There are several ways to execute this type of writing. The arrangement type to get employed in this type of text is dependent on the institution rules or requirements that you are attending. Most students don’t get informed on what format to use and if you find yourself in such a situation, stick to the general style that the school uses. They can either be APA, MA, or any other. 

A synthesis essay differs from other texts. The MEAL approach is just one between the many formats and features applied in writing the script, and it includes:

As the writer, you present the idea you have that matches your opinion that trickles down to the subject you have chosen. You can apply any expression to hit the nail on the head. 

As the author, you must provide the reader with enough evidence in support of the notion you want to showcase in the essay. The evidence provided should be a quote, and you must support it with a firm reference to make meaning. 

When you apply the MEAL approach, you must analyze the provided evidence and also project a statement of how the evidence fits the position it acquires. 

In the process of jotting, make sure you tailor the focus and the critical argument that you showcased. Write the principal idea once more in this paragraph and tell the reader why you think it is right. 

Argumentative synthesis essay

When you get tasked with writing this type of essay, you must incorporate several sources of information to get it right. You have a job to find the best topic to base an argument on it. Give the main ideas. 

Structure of the essay

If you are a student and have never written this type of paper, you may find it strange or difficult to handle. You must follow these steps;


It is usually a paragraph, and it is a. vital aspect of the text. If you want to grab the attention of the reader at the very start, apply the use of a hook. The hook can be a quote. You can then give a brief background of the text before the thesis. 

Body paragraphs

Apply the MEAL approach in this section. You are also free to utilize Ethno, Logos, or DIDLS. 


The aim of concluding an essay is to put emphasis and focus on the main points provided in the body of the text. Make a point of including the thesis statement and having a summary of the evidence in the script. Give your readers an encouragement to skim through your work too.